Waterproof your bathroom flooring

Waterproofing in the construction industry is one of the most important activities that ensures a building is water-resistant and lasts long. The bathroom floor is one area that will frequently come into contact with water. Therefore, this area needs to be waterproofed by an expert to ensure it is completely waterproof. If the bathroom has a slight section that is not waterproof, the chances are high that it will eventually soak water that will trigger mold formation or make the building weak. An expert will offer you the advantages of a waterproofing you bathroom flooring if done correctly.

Steps for waterproofing the bathroom floor.

The initial step to waterproofing your bathroom is cleaning the floor. The cleaning process ensures that the floor is free from any dust that might interrupt the waterproofing process. For instance, the dust might affect the adhesion of the coating, which means you will not have to achieve the expected results.

The next step is applying the primer, which increases the durability of the paint and provides enough protection for the material being painted. The primer also facilitates better adhesion of the paint to the floor. It is also known as an undercoat.

The application of primer is followed by sealing any gaps using silicone. You have to wait for the primer to dry before commencing this step. This will make it easy for you to identify any gaps in the floor or between the floor and the bathroom wall. If not sealed, these gaps can be the source of your floor absorbing water. The silicone is left to dry for the next day before the waterproofing can begin.

The next step is to apply masking tape to the level of the wall where you want to waterproof. The waterproofing agent is then applied on the floor and the part of the wall that needs to be waterproofed. The waterproofing agent is applied using a roller to ensure the entire space is covered. This will ensure you get the advantages of a waterproofing you bathroom flooring.

The next step is applying a waterproof membrane whereby you should cut a desired length of the material. The paper is then peeled from the adhesive side and used to cover the floor and the floor. It is then left for a day to dry. After the waterproofing agent has dried, you should apply the last coat and let it dry. After one day, your bathroom floor will be waterproof.

Benefits of a waterproof bathroom floor

Prevents dampness

The main reason people waterproof their bathroom is to prevent dampness that might facilitate the growth of mold. If your bathroom grows mold due to dampness, your bathroom will become stuffy and could pose health issues, especially for asthmatic people. The dampness will also create an unsightly site in your bathroom, and no one would want to use such a bathroom. The mold might also be slippery, and this poses a danger to anyone using the bathroom because they can fall and get injured.

Acts as an insulator

Waterproofing your bathroom floor acts as an insulator, especially during the winter. This is common if the bathroom wall is connected to the property’s external wall. These walls can get extremely cold during the winter, and this coldness will also be transferred to your house through the bathroom. In turn, you will end up spending a lot of money on energy bills due to the heating required to keep your home warm. The absence of this insulating component in your bathroom means you will require more energy to heat the house to the required temperature.

Prevents leaks

One of the main advantages of a waterproofing your bathroom flooring is that it will prevent leaks. If the floor is not water-resistant, the water will be absorbed by the floor and might start leaking onto other floors if the bathroom is in a storey building. If the bathroom is on the ground floor, the water will leak to the outside, thus creating an unsightly site. This can be prevented by ensuring that every part of the floor and a section of the wall is waterproofed.

The next time you plan to install a bathroom in your house, it is important to ensure that the floor is waterproof. All you need to do is hire an expert to do the flooring for you to avoid redoing the work in the future when your bathroom begins to leak water. The cost of waterproofing is less than the amount you will incur while using a bathroom that is not waterproof.

Do you have a small bathroom that has made you feel like you do not have many design options that will truly work and look great in the tiny space? Rethink that mindset, because small spaces are simply a challenge, and turning a small space into a perfect area is almost always achievable. At Lake Macquarie Carpentry & Building Services we love a challenge and have the skills, equipment, and experience to turn any room in your home into better than you can imagine it. If you are looking for bathroom renovations ideas or clever solutions for small bathrooms we can help you come up with the perfect vision for us to bring to life, so every corner of your home is exactly how you want it. 

Simple Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Big Impact in Small Spaces

  • Light and color choices can turn a cramped bathroom into an oasis within your home. If you do not have room for a window, perhaps the installation of a sun tunnel in the roof can bring in enough light to illuminate the room and even keep a plant alive. Remember, dark colors make spaces seem cozier, and pale light colors can open them up. This does not mean you have to commit to only light colors though, a cozy bathroom might be just the thing to make your home complete. 
  • Built-in shelving can optimize storage in the smallest of areas without compromising any of the space you have to work with. Hidden storage built right into interior wall studs offer nearly endless possible configurations of design. Remember that you can have it all even in a small area if you are creative with every square inch. 
  • If you have a small bathroom it may be just the space to splurge in the materials you may not have the budget for in larger areas. Go for that marble counter, after all, it is likely going to be affordable when it is barely two square feet. Splurge on that light fixture, because you only need the one in the area anyway. 
  • If you have not been bold enough to step outside your typical style choices but have always wanted to experiment with color then a small bathroom may be the perfect place to try those bold color combinations or accessories that you do not want in the main room. 
  • Remember that there are no hard and fast rules about bathroom design. If you want a fancy throw rug in front of the sink instead of a bathroom sanctioned rug, then go for it. You make the rules, be flexible and see what works for you and your space will be a unique reflection of yourself. 

Many people overlook bathroom design as they plan to put their own stamp on the home. After all, it is not first in the mind while entertaining, nor relaxing. However, more time is spent in the bathroom than you may realize, and it is a great space to flex your design muscles, even if it is not the first room you see when you walk into your home. 

If you have a dated bathroom with deep renovation needs you may not realize how quickly the professionals can update the area with a new jet bathtub, sauna shower, updated pipes, or simply cosmetic changes. It is not an uncommon misconception that items like a sink or tub are permanent fixtures but if you bring in the pros you will discover you can have just about any configuration installed into your current space. We can even take down a whole wall to open up an area and change the space entirely. We understand what goes into detailed renovations that affect the core structure of a home so whether you want a small bathroom improvement like a cabinet installed, a whole renovation with structural changes, or anything in between we are up for the task and love to flex our design muscles for the best end results. 

Lake Macquarie Carpentry & Building Services can bring your bathroom renovation ideas to life. Browse our portfolio to see the craftsmanship and skill that goes into every single job we do and contact us to schedule a consultation and begin the first step of your journey to the perfectly designed home the reflects you in each and every corner.