Kitchen remodels one of the most highly valuable renovations regarding return on investment, sometimes as much as 100%. This is because buyers are ‘wowed’ by shiny, new appliances, countertops, cabinets, and flooring. Most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so making it stunning and functional goes a long way. While there are ways to go all out, there are many options that include updating a kitchen without replacing your cabinets.

How To Convert A Simple Kitchen Into Modern Kitchen

Older kitchens are not always worn out but may need updating. For instance, laminate countertops last forever, but no one wants them in a modern kitchen. It is the same situation with the plain, light-colored cabinets. Although they don’t look too bad, it dates the kitchen.

So, how to convert a simple kitchen into modern kitchen is a complicated dilemma. From inexpensive changes such as hardware to replacing cabinets, flooring, or appliances, every new addition helps. Ideas include:

  • Older kitchens often didn’t have hardware on the cabinets, or the pulls are antiquated. Today’s stylish homes feature stainless steel, brushed gold, matte aluminum, or even copper. Couple this with matching lighting, and the kitchen is lit up, literally!
  • Adding a bar area or built-in seating makes the kitchen more welcoming and gives extra places for guests or family to hang out.
  • Replacing or installing a new backsplash makes a world of difference in the kitchen. While subway tiles are still the rage, the colors and finishes are endless. Geometric patterns add a whimsical feel, and dark, rich colors like navy and emerald lend a contemporary vibe.
  • Updating a kitchen without replacing your cabinets comes with various colors and hues to paint or stain the existing structures. Especially trendy are dark blue or black cabinets. Also, removing top cabinets and putting in open shelving is popular these days.
  • Although one of the most expensive renovations, new cabinets are a solid investment. Additionally, the choices are endless, including shaker style, natural, flat front, exotic block, and more. Glass front cabinet doors allow for viewing of special keepsakes or china.
  • Appliance replacement is a more pricey renovation but well worth the cost. Purchasing energy-efficient appliances is an immediate savings and are attractive to future buyers. Available high-end devices for the kitchen create a customized, luxurious feel. Also, these expensive appliances come with special features like Sabbath mode, customized cooking settings such as a rotisserie, gentle bake, and moisture plus, and a variety of unique colors, including teal, turquoise, and burgundy.
  • Countertops are no longer just a workspace! Whether built from granite, quartz, soapstone, ceramic tile, butcher block, stainless steel, and even concrete, countertops are sturdy, long-lasting, functional, and beautiful. There is something for everyone, regardless of style, color, or material.
  • Flooring in the kitchen is another place where you can go all out or choose a less expensive alternative but still make a real splash. Homeowners can select from many options from solid to patterned in wood, tile, stone, travertine, and slate. More recently, ceramic tile that mimics wood is a popular preference.
  • Sinks and faucets have come a long way too. Copper sinks are perfect for a rustic, farmhouse look. A black sink in granite or quartz pairs well with a matte black faucet for a crisp, bold style. Also available are cast iron, stainless steel, and composite sinks. Today’s sinks include top mount, under mount, and apron front. Homeowners can choose from single bowl, double equal bowl, and off-set bowl sinks. Faucets can be finger touch control or even touchless. A pull down sprayer is perfect for cleaning the sink and rinsing dishes.

Removing Or Moving Walls

The old adage that the “kitchen is the heart of the home” is true. Family gatherings almost always result in everyone hanging out in the kitchen. Sharing the burden of cooking brings people together and is especially fun when everyone has a job to do. A small kitchen means this will never happen. It may seem hard to expand a space but it may be a matter of removing or moving a wall. Although a scary thought, the adventure of making a kitchen larger makes all the difference. Going from a runway with countertops to an expansive, user-friendly culinary dreamscape is the ultimate upgrade.

As you can see, how to convert a simple kitchen into modern kitchen isn’t an easy feat but it is sure to be a challenge and an exciting task.

One of the most important rooms in any home is the kitchen, but it can also be one of the most frustrating. A small, outdated kitchen can prompt any home owner to consider a move into a new home. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

One of the benefits of professional kitchen renovation is that it can transform your home into the dream house you’ve always wanted without having to move. The kitchen is the focus of family and friends celebrating and gathering to experience life. It can handle frequent use and the many demands of day-to-day life. And remember, the kitchen is not only an important room for you as a home owner, but it’s also important in the future to any buyer considering your home. Any changes you make, then, have the added benefit of making your home even more attractive to others.

There’s no reason why your kitchen can’t be practical and spectacular at the same time. But the longer you live in a home, the more difficult it becomes for your kitchen to live up to those standards. So, before you give up entirely on your home because of your frustrations with your kitchen, let’s review the benefits of kitchen remodeling.


Among the benefits of kitchen remodeling is the way you can improve its function. How well does your kitchen serve you and your family? You should know what you expect from your kitchen before making any changes. Do you want it to be a central gathering place for a crowd of friends and family? Do you expect it to serve your interests as an aspiring gourmet chef? Should you make it more family friendly with comfortable spaces for children and adults? The changes you make in your kitchen with professional remodeling can transform how you live, but also make your life easier. All you have to do is decide what’s most important to you.


That beautiful new kitchen you want in your home also can serve as a more efficient room. Among the benefits of kitchen remodeling is the ability to add advanced electrical and plumbing elements, new appliances and other technology that will make your kitchen more efficient. If you have always wanted a gas stove, you can add one in your new kitchen. New lighting can include LED features that provide better efficiency. Appliances now come with energy efficient features that can help you save money on utility bills. And enhanced technological features can convert your kitchen into a viewing room with computer and television streaming access.


One choice you have when remodeling your kitchen is the materials you choose for the project. If you’re interested in promoting environmentally sustainable practice, you can choose eco-friendly materials to support that cause. Salvage wood, reclaimed cabinets that can be refinished, natural stone that can serve as countertops are all options if you want to make a statement in your kitchen about how you view the environment.


More than just friends and family who appreciate the updates and improvements you’ve made to your kitchen, a remodeling project can also serve to increase the value of your home. One of the best ways to immediately add value to your home is by investing in improvements in your kitchen. Few improvements in your home add as much value as a new kitchen. And the upgrades also can help sell a home faster. For that reason alone, you can see the benefits of kitchen remodeling promise to payoff while you live in your home and when you’re ready to move.

It’s important to take any decision to improve your home seriously. A kitchen remodeling project can be one of the most expensive improvements you make to your home. But unlike a swimming pool that can be expensive to install, the investment you make in a new kitchen will offer financial returns later.

You should discuss such a major home improvement project with a professional. They can help you design a new space, add special features and help you control costs that can soar if you take on such a huge project on your own without the necessary experience. It’s also one of those projects in your home that you don’t want to trust to the lowest bidder. Value is important, but also know that work that doesn’t live up to high standards could cost you in the long run.