Have you thought about the sunshine lately? Could your house do with some lightening up? Would you like to enjoy your garden all year round, whatever the weather? Add a sunroom to your house and all this could be yours.


A sunroom, simply, is a room that captures the sun. To do so, it must surely have lots of glass. The short answer is, yes, but there is a lot more that goes into the design of a sunroom than just adding windows. In fact, enclosing a porch, refunctioning an existing room, or building an addition are all alternatives to think about.

The beauty of having a room dedicated to the sun is that it can stand alone. From the outside, it should either continue the style and look of the house, or it may complement it. From the inside, though, the palette is a clean slate.

Tips to build a modern sunroom

The idea of a room that catches the sun is not a new one, but you shouldn’t necessarily take your inspiration for your sunroom from pictures of conservatories and the like. Think glass. Think letting the sunshine in. Think opening walls.

A modern and popular idea for a sunroom addition is to use a steel frame from which folding doors can be hung. This will certainly bring the sunshine in during cooler weather and the doors stay closed; and bring the air and sun in when you open all the doors during summer.

Perhaps you want to renovate/alter an existing room to be a sunroom. An easy alternative is to replace any windows with larger ones and even insert a glass door onto the garden, or the verandah beyond. You can also look beyond the obvious and easiest, by consulting sunroom design and construction services. Imagine how effective it would be to remove the one wall of the room and replace it mostly with glass.

You can also think about reaching the heights with the sunroom design. If you have a gable roof, you could consult your sunroom designs and construction services people about installing a window up near the top of the gable and bringing in more light.

Part of the service that a company like Lake Macquarie Carpentry and Building offers is sunroom designs and construction services, so they are the perfect fit for making your vision for a sunroom become reality.

Make it a process

If you are not completely sure what you want a sunroom to look like and how it may work, you could consider doing it in stages. This is a particularly useful strategy if you begin with a limited budget that is likely to grow.

If it is a realistic option for you to work on creating a sunroom addition in stages, then you will need to work with a company that offers sound sunroom designs and construction services. Lake Macquarie Carpentry and Building specialises in additions and renovations and is committed to working with the customer.

The first stage of the overall strategy is to have a long-term plan. Then you can plan and budget for the steps to come.

Identify a space in your backyard where the sunroom will attach to your house, then consult with Lake Macquarie Carpentry and Building about how to approach the project. Building the porch, with a steel frame and wooden deck can be the first thing you do. This will give you the ‘outside-inside’ feel, with the cool air around you. As the winter approaches, though, the next step in your plan may be to add some protection from the colder air. If you have the budget to complete this phase, then go ahead. If not, then you can still enjoy the porch on a winter afternoon and wait till the next year to install the glass.

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Offering Cabinetry and Carpentry Services in Australia

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Remodeling Ideas

Want some other interesting ideas for your remodeling project?

You might want a new deck, but why just build a porch-style deck when you could add an outdoor kitchen? We can help you get ready for the summer barbies now. Instead of just a deck, you can have a full kitchen outside, including cabinets for your barbeque equipment, an oven, and a stovetop, plus a built-in grill.

Here’s another idea. You need a new carport, but why only cover your car when we can build you a storage cabinet area on the side facing the house? You will have a dry, handy place to store all of your tools plus essentials like car oil, anti-freeze, etc.

We’re available whether you need a kitchen remodeled or you need a large built-in wardrobe converted to a water closet. We can create a pantry that provides storage for all of your linens or your kitchen dry goods. Instead of making everyone in the house use a central linen pantry, let us build cabinets into each of your water closets. You’ll end fighting over towels, and everyone will always know where to find their favorite sheets.

Home Addition Ideas

Maybe you need something larger, like an addition or a granny flat. We can help with that, too. You can build onto your home or have a separate building. Whether you need more bedrooms or an extra water closet, we can build it for you.

Perhaps you need the space, but you haven’t the yard to accommodate the new square footage. We can build up or down. If you have an unfinished basement, we can finish it out for you, so you have the space needed for your home. We can also build up. If you have an unfinished attic, we can help you by finishing it out. In extreme cases, we can open up the roof and extend the height of the building to create a full story with typical eight-to-ten-foot ceilings.

While most people think you have to have available yard space to build onto your home, that isn’t always true. You have options. We can help you explore them.

Lake Macquarie Carpentry & Building Services offers cabinetry and carpentry services in Australia that exceed expectations. We can build any cabinetry you need, so come to us with an original concept and we will design it and build it for you. With nearly 30 years in the industry between us, we have the knowledge and experience needed to complete your next project.

We offer a fully insured team with licensed carpenters with Certificate 3 in Carpentry & Joinery and qualified supervisors. Our in-house design service can help you put your dream kitchen or home on paper, then we can build it for you. Our business is also licensed: License No: 55690C.

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