Have you thought about the sunshine lately? Could your house do with some lightening up? Would you like to enjoy your garden all year round, whatever the weather? Add a sunroom to your house and all this could be yours.


A sunroom, simply, is a room that captures the sun. To do so, it must surely have lots of glass. The short answer is, yes, but there is a lot more that goes into the design of a sunroom than just adding windows. In fact, enclosing a porch, refunctioning an existing room, or building an addition are all alternatives to think about.

The beauty of having a room dedicated to the sun is that it can stand alone. From the outside, it should either continue the style and look of the house, or it may complement it. From the inside, though, the palette is a clean slate.

Tips to build a modern sunroom

The idea of a room that catches the sun is not a new one, but you shouldn’t necessarily take your inspiration for your sunroom from pictures of conservatories and the like. Think glass. Think letting the sunshine in. Think opening walls.

A modern and popular idea for a sunroom addition is to use a steel frame from which folding doors can be hung. This will certainly bring the sunshine in during cooler weather and the doors stay closed; and bring the air and sun in when you open all the doors during summer.

Perhaps you want to renovate/alter an existing room to be a sunroom. An easy alternative is to replace any windows with larger ones and even insert a glass door onto the garden, or the verandah beyond. You can also look beyond the obvious and easiest, by consulting sunroom design and construction services. Imagine how effective it would be to remove the one wall of the room and replace it mostly with glass.

You can also think about reaching the heights with the sunroom design. If you have a gable roof, you could consult your sunroom designs and construction services people about installing a window up near the top of the gable and bringing in more light.

Part of the service that a company like Lake Macquarie Carpentry and Building offers is sunroom designs and construction services, so they are the perfect fit for making your vision for a sunroom become reality.

Make it a process

If you are not completely sure what you want a sunroom to look like and how it may work, you could consider doing it in stages. This is a particularly useful strategy if you begin with a limited budget that is likely to grow.

If it is a realistic option for you to work on creating a sunroom addition in stages, then you will need to work with a company that offers sound sunroom designs and construction services. Lake Macquarie Carpentry and Building specialises in additions and renovations and is committed to working with the customer.

The first stage of the overall strategy is to have a long-term plan. Then you can plan and budget for the steps to come.

Identify a space in your backyard where the sunroom will attach to your house, then consult with Lake Macquarie Carpentry and Building about how to approach the project. Building the porch, with a steel frame and wooden deck can be the first thing you do. This will give you the ‘outside-inside’ feel, with the cool air around you. As the winter approaches, though, the next step in your plan may be to add some protection from the colder air. If you have the budget to complete this phase, then go ahead. If not, then you can still enjoy the porch on a winter afternoon and wait till the next year to install the glass.

Between the elements and time, eventually, you will need to replace the roof on your home. One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to roofing is “How much should a re roof cost?” Although this may seem like a simple question with a simple answer, there are actually several factors that go into roofing your home. For instance, the features of your home, including the roof play an essential role in choosing the best types of roofing material as well as your budget and how frequently you plan to replace the roof. If your home is in an area where there are frequent heavy storms, or you are in an area that is at risk of wildfires, it’s important to understand which roofing material is the most durable and can withstand the elements. To help you choose the best roofing material for your home, here is a brief guide with the different types of roofing options and how to choose the best option for you.

Reroofing Questions to Ask Yourself

A roof is not simply something that tops off your home and there is more to choosing a roof than simply asking how much should a re roof cost? You’ll need to consider the current roofing materials. For instance, does the current material meet your needs, is it the look you want and how durable is the current roofing material? Another important question is does the current roof need repairs or is it time for a reroof. Keep in mind that roofing your home is an investment, so it’s usually best to spend a little more initially than to have to pay more in the long run for roofing materials with a short life span.

Types of Roofing Materials

The most common types of roofing materials include asphalt shingles, metal, slate, cedar shake, and clay tile. The overall look you want as well as your budget play an important role in the type of roofing materials you choose. Before selecting roofing materials that may not be suitable for the style of your home or your budget, it’s recommended that you talk with a local roofing contractor. A local roofing contractor will be familiar with the local weather, the type of roofing materials frequently used in your area, and which type is best suited for the style of your home. The most common roofing materials include:

Asphalt shingles-This is the most popular type of roofing material for homes of all sizes and shapes. Asphalt shingles generally have a 10-30 year lifespan, depending on the quality of the shingles. One of the benefits of asphalt shingles is the cost; they are generally the least expensive option and in most situations, damaged individual shingles can be easily replaced. Asphalt shingles have a fiberglass base, so they are designed to withstand the elements, they are waterproof, deflect UV light, easy to maintain, and come in a vast array of colors.

Metal-There are several types of metal roofing options, including shape and texture. There are several benefits that come with the installation of a metal roof including, reflecting the sun’s rays, so your home stays cooler during the hot summer, it is extremely durable and long-lasting, oftentimes as much as 100 years, and it is customizable, so you can choose to have a metal roof that looks like wood, asphalt or even slate for less than it may cost for these types of materials.

Slate-This type of roofing material is one of the highest quality, longest-lasting options. Slate is beautiful in appearance, fire-resistant, and environmentally friendly. However, it is expensive and heavy, so it can only be installed on a structure that can withstand the weight. Slate comes in a range of colors, including gray, black, mottled colors, red, purple, and green.

Cedar shakes-Although cedar is the most common option for a wood roof, other woods are also an option, such as pine or redwood. Cedar shake roofing is often chosen because of its amazing characteristics, but it is also excellent for energy efficiency and durability. Wood roofing materials are generally one of the more expensive options, and they require routine maintenance, but it will last for as much as 50 years if it is well maintained and installed properly.

Clay tiles-A clay tile roof is generally commonly seen on Victorian or Spanish Mission-style homes. Clay roofing is excellent in repelling high moisture, fire, insects, and extreme weather as well as providing thermal insulation. A clay tile roof will typically have a life expectancy of 100 years or more. Like slate, there are drawbacks in that clay tile is heavy, so you will need extra reinforcement to make sure the structure of your home can handle the weight, and it is the most expensive option in roofing materials.

Reviewing all the factors of a roof, including the type of roof you have, the style of your home, and your budget, will help to narrow down the different types of roofing materials that are the best suited for your needs as well as answer the question of how much should a re roof cost. Your home’s roof is meant to protect the structure of your home as well as the occupants, but along with questioning how much should a reroof cost, it’s important to consider the durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal as well.

Everyone is finally gone for the day, and you are sitting in the kitchen having a warm cappuccino. You get to looking around your kitchen, and you notice that yes, your kitchen is fine, but it could sure use a facelift. It hasn’t been updated in over 10 years, not even the placemats. It’s time for a change. So, what are you going to do?

What do you like? Well, you love wood work, so you google Wood work for interior design and Best wood work carpenters in Australia and find out that LCMB (Lake Macquarie Carpentry & Building Services) is who you should call for the best carpentry services around. You also find a few ideas of how you could remodel your kitchen. You even find ideas on wood work for other rooms of the house. Here are a few more.

A Walnut Wood Wall and Drop Walnut Open Faux Ceiling

This beautiful room starts with a walnut wood wall alternating wide and thinner planks. Notice that it turns around to the adjacent wall highlighting the room even more. Then, there is the conversation starter, the drop wooden open faux ceiling. Isn’t it just perfect with the wall? Then, whoever decorated this room did it justice by using the wooden light, the wooden tables, and even wooden chairs. I would certainly write home about it.

Some Rustic Provincial-Stained Teak Wood Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves, and an Island

This is one sweet kitchen. Though it’s modern with its stainless steel appliances, it is perfectly “rustically” gorgeous. It’s a simple kitchen, but it has a lot of flair. The wood is thick, heavy cuts of Provincial-stained teak wood. The brick trim along with the beige lamps, chairs, and curtains serve to accentuate the wood. Take note that it also has wooden floors. This kitchen is a mix of country and estate, and it’s certainly on the list of remodels to consider.

An Elegant Bookcase Constructed From Poplar or Maple

This sophisticated bookcase will make a room with the right accessories. See how this joining wall enhances these bookcases and allows you to design a reading nook in between? You can paint this poplar or maple any color you’d like. They are hardwoods and will stand up against shrinking and warping when painted, unlike their softer counterparts. Paint this area white and use a dark color chair, or paint it the color of your choice, and place a bright, vivid contrasted color chair in between the bookcases with a genuine wood table. Wood work for interior design comes in all shapes and sizes, as you see. The possibilities are almost endless.

A Partly Treated Wood, Partly Painted Wood Bedroom Office Desk, Shelves, and Drawers

Chockers! Don’t you just love this? Without taking up a lot of their space, your kids can do their homework or play games on their laptops. They can also use the ample shelf space to store their school projects, their keepsakes, like your daughter’s old jewelry box that her grandmother gave her or your son’s old vinyl albums his dad gave him. They could just use them for clothes.

A Gunstock-Stained Wall, Whole Adjoining Wall, and a Wooden-Screen for a Ceiling

This is a splendid look for a living room or den. You can choose between a few different types of wood for this project, and depending on which type you choose your shade will vary some. Isn’t this ceiling something else? It just makes the wood work below. This is such an eye-catching scene. With only a scant few things on these shelves, you can achieve a look your company won’t soon forget. Make sure to get adjustable lighting, if you don’t already have it, in the ceiling. What a project!


Wood work for interior design is what we do ever so well at Lake Macquarie Carpentry & Building Services (LMCB), because it’s our trade, and we take pride in it. With 30 years of quality building in Australia, we have a qualified team overseen by a licensed supervisor. We are fully insured.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote. We can also help with your designs.

You might not think of a new home builder when looking for kitchen cabinetry and carpentry services, but Lake Macquarie Carpentry & Building Services specializes in remodels, too. We strive to build some of the most breathtaking kitchen cabinetry you can find, and we invite you to peruse our portfolio to see it. We also use our expert carpentry services to build new rooms or additions to your home.

Offering Cabinetry and Carpentry Services in Australia

We know you could turn to any builder for your kitchen cabinetry and carpentry services, so we provide the highest quality customer service and well-trained, experienced personnel. Our carpenters hold the appropriate licenses and share a cumulative 30 years of experience in cabinetry, carpentry, and joinery services. We established our business 20 years ago and the residents of New South Wales attest to our building quality and dependability.

We work mostly on residential builds, but we can also do commercial projects. If you need to add cabinetry for storage to your existing building or office, call us for a quote. Since we regularly work on renovations in the NSW area, this fits in with our regular work.

Remodeling Ideas

Want some other interesting ideas for your remodeling project?

You might want a new deck, but why just build a porch-style deck when you could add an outdoor kitchen? We can help you get ready for the summer barbies now. Instead of just a deck, you can have a full kitchen outside, including cabinets for your barbeque equipment, an oven, and a stovetop, plus a built-in grill.

Here’s another idea. You need a new carport, but why only cover your car when we can build you a storage cabinet area on the side facing the house? You will have a dry, handy place to store all of your tools plus essentials like car oil, anti-freeze, etc.

We’re available whether you need a kitchen remodeled or you need a large built-in wardrobe converted to a water closet. We can create a pantry that provides storage for all of your linens or your kitchen dry goods. Instead of making everyone in the house use a central linen pantry, let us build cabinets into each of your water closets. You’ll end fighting over towels, and everyone will always know where to find their favorite sheets.

Home Addition Ideas

Maybe you need something larger, like an addition or a granny flat. We can help with that, too. You can build onto your home or have a separate building. Whether you need more bedrooms or an extra water closet, we can build it for you.

Perhaps you need the space, but you haven’t the yard to accommodate the new square footage. We can build up or down. If you have an unfinished basement, we can finish it out for you, so you have the space needed for your home. We can also build up. If you have an unfinished attic, we can help you by finishing it out. In extreme cases, we can open up the roof and extend the height of the building to create a full story with typical eight-to-ten-foot ceilings.

While most people think you have to have available yard space to build onto your home, that isn’t always true. You have options. We can help you explore them.

Lake Macquarie Carpentry & Building Services offers cabinetry and carpentry services in Australia that exceed expectations. We can build any cabinetry you need, so come to us with an original concept and we will design it and build it for you. With nearly 30 years in the industry between us, we have the knowledge and experience needed to complete your next project.

We offer a fully insured team with licensed carpenters with Certificate 3 in Carpentry & Joinery and qualified supervisors. Our in-house design service can help you put your dream kitchen or home on paper, then we can build it for you. Our business is also licensed: License No: 55690C.

No Cost Quotes

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote on cabinetry and carpentry services in Australia. While our offices are located in Cameron Park, New South Wales 2285, we serve the entirety of NSW. Wherever you live in NSW, we can help you with your remodeling. Complete our form and we will either email you or phone you. You let us know your preference. Contact Lake Macquarie Carpentry & Building Services today to get started.

Seriously, does it ever hail at a 90-degree angle from the floor of your carport? No! It hits your car from the side. So, even though it probably didn’t break your window, your carport didn’t save your car from getting some hail damage.

Your wheels are turning now. Can you convert a carport to a garage? It would be wonderful, you’re thinking. How do you turn a carport into a garage? Well, let’s first look into the question — Does Converting a Carport to a Garage Add Value to a home?

Will Converting My Carport to a Garage Add Value to My Home?

Well, the long and short of this answer is a big — YES! Skeptical? Here are a few reasons why potential homebuyers see so much value in a garage.

Protection From the Elements

To reiterate, carports don’t even do that great a job protecting your vehicles, but a garage that’s fully enclosed is a different story. It will protect completely against automobile vulnerabilities like hail.

Security Improvements

Not only is there much less chance of your car getting broken into or vandalized at night. Also, if your garage is attached to your home, and you can enter your home directly from the garage, your safety is increased dramatically. You can open the garage from your car with a button, enter the garage, close the garage door, and exit your car without fear that someone with bad intentions is going to run up behind you.

Living Space is Multiplied

Having a garage is a great way to add living space. You can use it for storage space, or it can be a workshop, or whatever you want it to.

You can see that a conversion is usually a good choice, but how do you turn a carport into a garage? Let’s take a look.

How Do You Turn a Carport Into a Garage?

Take a look at what it takes to turn a carport into a garage.


As with any successful project, you must start out with a plan. Many get help from a professional because there are many considerations, like:

  • Property line
  • Municipality setback distances
  • Condition of the existing structure


It is not necessary that you dig a foundation for your garage if the ground is stable and there is also adequate drainage for the gutters. Also, you must remove what the original builder chose as a covering for the joists and columns of the existing carport, as well as the soffit.


The wall frames need to be constructed with 2 x 4(or 6)s, leaving a 16-inch center-to-center distance. Your wall bottom plate should be constructed in pressure-treated wood. It should also be covered in polyethylene sheeting, as it is apt to accumulate moisture. Fasten the wall framing to the top and sides, and cover with an air barrier membrane.

Doors and Windows

Most garages have no windows but one or two doors. Few have windows, but some do. To install garage doors and windows, read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, or this may be a job for a professional.

Garage Door

First, ensure that, at the threshold of the garage door space, there is a slope such that water can drain toward the street. This will avoid puddles, or even flooding, in your garage. To install the garage door, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important that the garage door be installed correctly and just right, so you may want to seek professional help with this part.

Electricity and Insulation

Now, it’s time to run the electricity to the garage and install the insulation. Unless you’re a professional, hire an electrician to do the electrical work. This is an extremely dangerous job. Insulate with batts of mineral wool. Unroll the batts into the space between the wood studs. Then, add a vapor barrier. Insulate the ceiling, as well.


Finish with drywall on the inside and vinyl siding on the outside. The best-looking garages blend into the houses they go with. Decorate. Look at your finished product!

Can you turn a metal carport into a garage? Sure, you can. Just add to the existing structure.

Are you ready to convert your carport into a garage, or do you need help with other carpentry or building matters? Contact LMCB (Lake Macquarie Carpentry & Building) today for a Free Quote. Our top-shelf work speaks to the fact that we are in this business to help you.

Spending time outdoors with family and friends can create lasting memories. Your deck area may be a great gathering spot, but you may be wishing that you have more shade in that area. This can lead you to wonder if, ‘can you build a pergola on an existing deck?’ Actually, building a pergola on an existing deck is a great way to add shade and a new configuration to your deck area. Also, you can design it to meet your needs and lifestyle.

Can You Build a Pergola on an Existing Deck?

Pergolas are an attractive option to add partial coverage from the sun. This encourages people to safely spend time outside. Also, they can provide additional style to the area. This is why they have become increasingly popular upgrades for many backyards. So, the answer is yes, ‘can you build a pergola on an existing deck’.

How to Build a Freestanding Pergola

When you design your own pergola, you end up with the product that meets your family’s lifestyle. Going into a design project may feel daunting but we are talking about a guided design process where you consider the features that you would most like in the space that you have available. There are many pergola designs available so spending some time thinking about your current space and what you would like to see happen will save time and money in the end. There is no right or wrong answer.  It’s just considering several factors that will ultimately affect the overall design.  These include:

  • Adding a hot tub
  • Number and arrangement of desired seating
  • Inclusion of a grill
  • Using it as a dining area

Decide the Location of the Pergola

Given the size of the available space, you’ll need to decide whether you prefer for it to be attached to your home or free standing.  This can depend on whether you would like for the pergola to be an extension of your current home or whether you would like to use it to create a special entertaining space.

Size of the Pergola

The size of the pergola will not only depend on the area that you have available but how you would like to use the additional space. Some functions will necessarily require more room. The first step will be to measure the space that you are considering placing the structure. Many prefab companies use products that come in the standard 8’x12’ size or 10’x12’.  Your pergola can be customized to meet your specific needs. Many companies sell their products in two-foot units. Do a little research with companies in your area before making a decision about what is right for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Pergola on a Deck?

Again, this will depend on one of the design decisions you make…the building material. Some materials have longer lifespans than others.  This can affect the price of the structure. Vinyl, cedar and pressure treated wood are the most common building materials. When cost is a consideration, pressure treated wood is a less expensive option.  However, it does not have the longevity of vinyl, which tends to be more expensive. Another thing to consider it the deck construction material. Both the deck and pergola should either be constructed from the same material or at least coordinate appropriately. Deciding on the building material will directly affect the overall costs involved.


To bring the whole design together, select the color or stain that you want for your new pergola. This ties the deck and new structure together visually to create a definite impact. Common stain colors include:

  • Walnut
  • Cedar
  • Cedar mahogany
  • Rustic cedar
  • Clear

If you opt to work with a company that has prefab structures, the installation should only take about 4-5 hours.  This project will require only basic power tools that most homeowners always have.  A prefab kit will come with detailed instructions and all necessary materials.

Installing a new pergola over an existing deck structure is not a difficult project, nor does it have to be an overly expensive one. The biggest investment is spending the time to decide exactly what type of structure you want and where it should be placed to maximize its use. If you take the time to make the necessary decisions and do the research, your family will have a new outdoor space to use and enjoy.  A pergola is a good addition to any outdoor space.