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Seriously, does it ever hail at a 90-degree angle from the floor of your carport? No! It hits your car from the side. So, even though it probably didn’t break your window, your carport didn’t save your car from getting some hail damage.

Your wheels are turning now. Can you convert a carport to a garage? It would be wonderful, you’re thinking. How do you turn a carport into a garage? Well, let’s first look into the question — Does Converting a Carport to a Garage Add Value to a home?

Will Converting My Carport to a Garage Add Value to My Home?

Well, the long and short of this answer is a big — YES! Skeptical? Here are a few reasons why potential homebuyers see so much value in a garage.

Protection From the Elements

To reiterate, carports don’t even do that great a job protecting your vehicles, but a garage that’s fully enclosed is a different story. It will protect completely against automobile vulnerabilities like hail.

Security Improvements

Not only is there much less chance of your car getting broken into or vandalized at night. Also, if your garage is attached to your home, and you can enter your home directly from the garage, your safety is increased dramatically. You can open the garage from your car with a button, enter the garage, close the garage door, and exit your car without fear that someone with bad intentions is going to run up behind you.

Living Space is Multiplied

Having a garage is a great way to add living space. You can use it for storage space, or it can be a workshop, or whatever you want it to.

You can see that a conversion is usually a good choice, but how do you turn a carport into a garage? Let’s take a look.

How Do You Turn a Carport Into a Garage?

Take a look at what it takes to turn a carport into a garage.


As with any successful project, you must start out with a plan. Many get help from a professional because there are many considerations, like:

  • Property line
  • Municipality setback distances
  • Condition of the existing structure


It is not necessary that you dig a foundation for your garage if the ground is stable and there is also adequate drainage for the gutters. Also, you must remove what the original builder chose as a covering for the joists and columns of the existing carport, as well as the soffit.


The wall frames need to be constructed with 2 x 4(or 6)s, leaving a 16-inch center-to-center distance. Your wall bottom plate should be constructed in pressure-treated wood. It should also be covered in polyethylene sheeting, as it is apt to accumulate moisture. Fasten the wall framing to the top and sides, and cover with an air barrier membrane.

Doors and Windows

Most garages have no windows but one or two doors. Few have windows, but some do. To install garage doors and windows, read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, or this may be a job for a professional.

Garage Door

First, ensure that, at the threshold of the garage door space, there is a slope such that water can drain toward the street. This will avoid puddles, or even flooding, in your garage. To install the garage door, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important that the garage door be installed correctly and just right, so you may want to seek professional help with this part.

Electricity and Insulation

Now, it’s time to run the electricity to the garage and install the insulation. Unless you’re a professional, hire an electrician to do the electrical work. This is an extremely dangerous job. Insulate with batts of mineral wool. Unroll the batts into the space between the wood studs. Then, add a vapor barrier. Insulate the ceiling, as well.


Finish with drywall on the inside and vinyl siding on the outside. The best-looking garages blend into the houses they go with. Decorate. Look at your finished product!

Can you turn a metal carport into a garage? Sure, you can. Just add to the existing structure.

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