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Your home’s front entry delivers the ultimate first impression to visitors, so you want to ensure it pops with a few simple updates. An entrance can be transformed in a variety of ways on the interior or exterior of your home. These easy front entrance renovation ideas will improve your home’s curb appeal to offer a more inviting experience.

Keep reading to learn how to beautify your front entrance!

Add a Covered Entry

A covered entryway can drastically change your home’s aesthetic and can be essential for shelter against the elements. A new porch roof bump-out transforms a traditional entrance into the focal point of your home’s exterior. This feature provides a sheltered entryway and can add appealing stonework and columns to the façade. Include a charming winding walkway with bordering gardens to generate additional curb appeal for the residence.

Add a Stone Façade

One of the most recent home design trends is using stone veneer on the exterior and interior of your home. A colorful stone veneer façade modernizes the entryway, and you can add different window types to add further appeal and functionality. A well-matching option is a door with a leaded glass insert and matching sidelight, which delivers improved brightness to your interior entryway.

Brighten an Entryway with New Exterior Components

A new door will deliver an immediate impact on the curb appeal of your house. Finding the right door style, color, and material can complement your exterior and interior décor. An entry door is typically between 6 and 8-feet tall, but a taller door can also have a greater entrance appeal. Also, adding sidelights will increase interest in your entryway, brighten the interior portion of your home, and provide your family with an outside view for extra security.

Embellish with Custom Features

When designing and constructing a new home or redesigning an existing residence, you always want entryways to match your home’s architectural features. This can be accomplished by adding custom design queues that bring together the exterior of the house. Custom features can include a post and beam portico, larch wood door, large windows, distinct types of light fixtures, and added masonry to the interior and exterior of the doorway.

Include Universal Safety and Accessibility Features

Entryways sometimes present barriers for visitors and home residents. Threshold transitions, narrow doorways, and steep steps are some of the most common obstacles. Therefore, if you are considering entrance renovation ideas, plan to add universal design features. For instance, a level threshold entry can address the needs of some owners. Stacked ledge stone veneer can be added to the lower portion of the home’s exterior walls and column bases to improve the style. Other universal features include a lever door handle and good entrance lighting.

Modernize Your Front Porch

Porches consume the brunt of foot traffic leading up to your home and are exposed to constant weather. Given that a porch is a central feature of the home, it is critical to keep it well-maintained and periodically update it when normal wear and tear begins to appear. A new roof line extending from the front door can further drastically change the entryway appearance.

Update the Doors of Other Main Entrances

A back entryway can be just as important to the style of your home as the front, especially in lakeside or outdoor living residences where foot traffic is high through the backdoor. This means special attention must be given as much to the front as the back. One excellent design is double doors which can be enhanced by wood beams and posts with a copper shed roof. These rustic aesthetic queues are ideal for outdoor living homes.

Utilize Smart Tech

The latest smart technology extends to countless indoor and outdoor home products ranging from security cameras, locks, hardware, doorbells, and lighting features. Utilize a smart doorbell with a video camera to track packages and visitors or allow the babysitter to enter with smart door hardware that permits fingerprint entry, a one-time code, or remote access through a phone application. You can also coordinate the finishes on your smart tech to create a cohesive entryway.

By implementing these entryway ideas, you can improve the curb appeal of your home beautifully and functionally. With such a wide range of material, technology, texture, and color options available on the market, your next entryway can bring together the interior and exterior of your home for residents and visitors to enjoy for decades!