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Everyone is finally gone for the day, and you are sitting in the kitchen having a warm cappuccino. You get to looking around your kitchen, and you notice that yes, your kitchen is fine, but it could sure use a facelift. It hasn’t been updated in over 10 years, not even the placemats. It’s time for a change. So, what are you going to do?

What do you like? Well, you love wood work, so you google Wood work for interior design and Best wood work carpenters in Australia and find out that LCMB (Lake Macquarie Carpentry & Building Services) is who you should call for the best carpentry services around. You also find a few ideas of how you could remodel your kitchen. You even find ideas on wood work for other rooms of the house. Here are a few more.

A Walnut Wood Wall and Drop Walnut Open Faux Ceiling

This beautiful room starts with a walnut wood wall alternating wide and thinner planks. Notice that it turns around to the adjacent wall highlighting the room even more. Then, there is the conversation starter, the drop wooden open faux ceiling. Isn’t it just perfect with the wall? Then, whoever decorated this room did it justice by using the wooden light, the wooden tables, and even wooden chairs. I would certainly write home about it.

Some Rustic Provincial-Stained Teak Wood Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves, and an Island

This is one sweet kitchen. Though it’s modern with its stainless steel appliances, it is perfectly “rustically” gorgeous. It’s a simple kitchen, but it has a lot of flair. The wood is thick, heavy cuts of Provincial-stained teak wood. The brick trim along with the beige lamps, chairs, and curtains serve to accentuate the wood. Take note that it also has wooden floors. This kitchen is a mix of country and estate, and it’s certainly on the list of remodels to consider.

An Elegant Bookcase Constructed From Poplar or Maple

This sophisticated bookcase will make a room with the right accessories. See how this joining wall enhances these bookcases and allows you to design a reading nook in between? You can paint this poplar or maple any color you’d like. They are hardwoods and will stand up against shrinking and warping when painted, unlike their softer counterparts. Paint this area white and use a dark color chair, or paint it the color of your choice, and place a bright, vivid contrasted color chair in between the bookcases with a genuine wood table. Wood work for interior design comes in all shapes and sizes, as you see. The possibilities are almost endless.

A Partly Treated Wood, Partly Painted Wood Bedroom Office Desk, Shelves, and Drawers

Chockers! Don’t you just love this? Without taking up a lot of their space, your kids can do their homework or play games on their laptops. They can also use the ample shelf space to store their school projects, their keepsakes, like your daughter’s old jewelry box that her grandmother gave her or your son’s old vinyl albums his dad gave him. They could just use them for clothes.

A Gunstock-Stained Wall, Whole Adjoining Wall, and a Wooden-Screen for a Ceiling

This is a splendid look for a living room or den. You can choose between a few different types of wood for this project, and depending on which type you choose your shade will vary some. Isn’t this ceiling something else? It just makes the wood work below. This is such an eye-catching scene. With only a scant few things on these shelves, you can achieve a look your company won’t soon forget. Make sure to get adjustable lighting, if you don’t already have it, in the ceiling. What a project!


Wood work for interior design is what we do ever so well at Lake Macquarie Carpentry & Building Services (LMCB), because it’s our trade, and we take pride in it. With 30 years of quality building in Australia, we have a qualified team overseen by a licensed supervisor. We are fully insured.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote. We can also help with your designs.