Bathroom Renovation

One of the best upgrades you could do to your home to increase its value is a bathroom remodel. You’ve got the ideas, set up the money for it and you are ready to hire a contractor. But just how long does a bathroom renovation take?

There are some basic tasks that can be estimated so you can time how long everyone will be forced to use the other bathroom in the house during construction. Consider these factors when planning a bathroom remodel.

What issues will affect how much time the remodel will take?

The first thing you must realize is that it is rare for any construction project to go as planned. There are factors that can delay the work. But let’s consider some basic factors that affect the timeline of a project and when is a good time to do a bathroom renovation. Is the bathroom remodel cosmetic or a complete rebuild? Are you doing the job yourself or hiring a contractor? Are you using unique materials that require a special order or basic items that can be purchased at a home improvement store?

A cosmetic remodel could take as little as a few days, while a complete rebuild could be many months. A project handled by a homeowner who must find the time to do the job could take more than a year. Special orders of materials can take a long time and lead to delays for weeks on the project.

What is the average amount of time a bathroom remodel takes?

There are some average time frames for bathroom remodels to consider. For example, a complete bathroom remodel for a small room takes an average of 23 days to finish. If contractors don’t work on the weekends, the project could extend to more than four weeks. If you want to be safe and plan for the unexpected, which often is more typical than you think, then you could plan on doubling the time to about nine weeks.

Expect the unexpected in your project

The shorter time estimate noted above makes a few assumptions, such as the work is being done by a good, full-time contractor with a crew of good subcontractors who all show up on time. It also is assumed that all of the materials arrive on time, that no workers get sick and that there are no changes made to the project once started. But you should always expect the unexpected. There will be material delays or subcontractor issues or changes that could each lead to a delay.

What phases of the bathroom renovation take the longest?

Each phase of a bathroom remodel takes a certain amount of time and must be completed before the next.

Demolition: This initial step is one of the easiest and can take as little as one day, but more likely two days. If the bathroom is upstairs or in a place where it’s hard to remove items, it could take a couple of more days.

Rough Carpentry: This step may not be necessary, but if you need to create new spaces in the room, this could take a couple of days.

Plumbing/Electrical Rough-In: This could take as long as three days, particularly if a tub or toilet is being moved.

Insulation: Installing insulation in a bathroom doesn’t take long, especially if it’s a small room. Plan on about a day, but it will probably only take a few hours.

Drywall: Hanging the drywall is pretty quick work for most contractors, taking less than a day. But finishing it with joint compound, sanding and sometimes repeating the process can take a couple of days.

Paint: This is typically pretty easy work, taking about a day.

Tile: If you are installing tile for a new shower or on the floor, this takes time to install and to allow the grout to dry. Plan for two or three days.

Install fixtures: If you are adding a new tub, shower, sinks or cabinets, these can take a couple of days to install.

Inspections: The initial inspection prior to installing the drywall takes a few hours, as does the final inspection. But often the real delay occurs when waiting for inspectors to fit you into their schedules. Plan at least a day for each inspection.